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Reiki in Hartshorne Woodville Swadlincote Derbyshire

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Reiki Healing Path  Discover Reiki Healing energy with a free distant Reiki treatment. Reiki healing distant courses in Usui Lightarian Karuna Ki Reiki Lavender Flame RaSheeba Shamballa Full Spectrum Angelic Light and Medicine Buddha Reiki. Send a healing e-card or read a yearly energy report.

Book Description
Reiki For Life is the must-have guide to self-healing and treating others with Reiki. It is a comprehensive handbook that tells you everything you need to know about Reiki whether you want to recap on the basic routines or realise the power and potential of each level; learn special techniques to enhance Reiki practice or use Reiki for spiritual growth. Penelope Quest also compares the origins and development of Reiki in the West and the East revealing techniques specific to the original Japanese Reiki tradition. Suitable for beginners experienced practitioners and teachers alike this book: Explains what Reiki is and how it works; Gives detailed instruction in First and Second Degree techniques; Includes special advanced methods for working with Reiki; Suggests how to manage Reiki sessions and how to set up a professional practice; Outlines how to use Reiki to grow spiritually throughout your life; Advises on how to become a Reiki Master/Teacher.

A comprehensive guide to the practice of advanced Reiki techniques for the beginner and more experienced Reiki practitioner and for the client who wants to know more. Penelope Quest examines first second and third degree Reiki and introduces Reiki-ho techniques from the Japanese Reiki tradition which have only more recently become available in the West. The volume: explains what Reiki is and how it works; explains how to use first degree Reiki to heal yourself and others; provides a detailed explanation of second degree Reiki including a comprehensive guide to the use of Reiki symbols; introduces Reiki-ho; outlines the path to becoming a Reiki master and third degree Reiki; reveals information you need to become a Reiki practitioner; and shows you how you can continue to grow spiritually with Reiki throughout your life.

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