How Much Fat?

Whether your diet is Low Fat or Keto you need to count the calories from the fat you are eating.  On a low fat diet the type of fat is … Continue Reading →

Carbohydrates in?

Carbohydrates – Good or Bad? Americans have made a conscious effort to eat less fat, and particularly less saturated fat, since the 1960s. According to the USDA, we have been … Continue Reading →

How Many Calories?

Step Away from the Scales The fact is, most of us don’t need to change our eating habits completely. We just need to make smart but simple changes. Dieticians and … Continue Reading →

Calories in?

If you woke up one morning, sat in your bed, and did absolutely nothing all day long but inhaled and exhaled; that is your BMR. The typical BMR for an … Continue Reading →

Restaurant Nutrition Guide

Eating out is something of a national hobby, so don’t let dieting stop you!  You can eat out and eat healthy, too. Many restaurants offer low-fat or low-carb meals. Moderation … Continue Reading →

How Much Sugar?

The staggering amount of sugar in foods we consider savory is something most people never see let alone factor into their diet. Many low-carb products are sweetened glycerin, mannitol, sorbitol, … Continue Reading →

High Protein Foods

Protein is a key ingredient in helping you boost metabolism and burn more fat. Protein is calorie-dense so small quantities will take a much longer time to digest and help … Continue Reading →

Nutrition Basics

/div> NUTRITION FACTS  – Losing One Pound of Body Fat FACT: For any body type at any age, gender, and ethnicity, you need to create a calorie deficit of 3,500 … Continue Reading →

Count Your Calories

It is a proven fact that people who count calories maintain their weight loss compared to those that don’t count calories.  This same applies to any point or counting system, … Continue Reading →