Calories in Fillet Steak

Myth: Red Meat is bad for you Not true!  Truly most Fillet Steak you could call nutritious and full of protein and for a keto diet we don’t have to worry about the fat content. However, Fillet Steak can be variable in fat content and these calories need watching for weight loss.  Eat Fillet Steak in moderation. Below you will find the calorie and nutrition data for your query ‘Calories in Fillet Steak’ plus other popular serving quantities. See Calories, Carbs, Fat. Protein and find sound advice on diets, including keto and low carb. Also check out our recipes and meal plans with Fillet Steak Continue Reading →

Whitefish Almondine Seafood Recipe

Cut fish into serving-sized pieces In shallow microwave proof dish microwave butter at High 40 seconds or until melted Stir in wine, lemon juice, salt and pepper Arrange fish in dish; turn to coat wit Continue Reading →

Tanana Valley Salmon Seafood Recipe

Cut lime in half and squeeze juice over salmon fillets/steaks Blend cumin, chili powder, salt, black pepper and cinnamon in a small bowl; sprinkle over salmon Broil salmon about 4 to 5 inches from hea Continue Reading →

Teriyaki Grilled Salmon Seafood Recipe

In a shallow baking dish, combine brown sugar, oil, soy sauce, garlic and ginger Place salmon steaks/fillets in a baking dish Turn fish over several times to coat; refrigerate 30 to 45 minutes Remove Continue Reading →

Spirited Grilled Salmon Seafood Recipe

Blend together all ingredients, except salmon, in gallon size zip-lock plastic bag or flat dish Add salmon to marinade; turn several times to coat Cover, if needed, and refrigerate for 1 hour (or long Continue Reading →

Salmon Special Seafood Recipe

Combine soy sauce, sherry, garlic and ginger in flat dish or gallon size zip-lock plastic bag Place salmon in marinade; turn several times to coat Cover, if needed, and refrigerate for 1 hour, turning Continue Reading →

Quick Kippered Salmon Seafood Recipe

Dissolve salt and brown sugar in water Stir in hickory seasoning, allspice and pepper Pour this mixture into a large heavy-duty zip-lock bag or into a shallow non-corrosive dish Add seafood and turn t Continue Reading →

Pan Poached Salmon Piccata Seafood Recipe

Bring water and lemon juice to a boil in medium-sized skillet Stir in chicken granules Reduce heat to a simmer and place salmon steaks or fillets in pan Cover and simmer over low heat 10 minutes per i Continue Reading →

Klondike Pecan Salmon Bake Seafood Recipe

Heat oven to 400 degrees Blend mustard, butter and honey in small bowl; set aside Mix breadcrumbs, pecans and parsley in another small bowl; set aside Season salmon fillets/steaks with salt and pepper Continue Reading →

Lemon Garlic Salmon Seafood Recipe

Melt butter in large skillet over medium-high heat Stir in garlic Season salmon fillets or steaks on both sides with lemon pepper Place fillets/steaks in pan and cook for 10 minutes per inch of thickn Continue Reading →

Honey-Lime Salmon Kabobs Seafood Recipe

Cut salmon into 1-1/2 inch squares Blend together oil, lime juice, lime zest, honey, cilantro, ginger, salt and pepper Divide marinade, reserving 1/4 cup for basting Marinate salmon cubes in remaining Continue Reading →

Firecracker Grilled Salmon Seafood Recipe

Place salmon steaks or fillets in a glass dish Whisk together remaining ingredients and pour over salmon Cover with plastic wrap and marinate in refrigerator 4 to 6 hours Remove salmon from marinade a Continue Reading →

Curry Grilled Salmon Seafood Recipe

Center an salmon steak/fillet on each of the foil sheets In small bowl, combine curry powder, lemon pepper, salt and garlic powder Sprinkle mixture evenly over salmon steaks/fillets Slice onion into 8 Continue Reading →

Cajun Salmon Seafood Recipe

Melt butter in large skillet over medium-high heat Stir in Cajun seasoning and garlic Cook for 2 minutes, stirring constantly Add vermouth Cook for 3 minutes, stirring constantly Add salmon fillets or Continue Reading →

Champagne Poached Salmon Seafood Recipe

Mix together mustard and chopped tarragon, hold aside Season salmon steaks/fillets lightly with salt and pepper Place in a pan just large enough to hold the salmon in 1 layer Add the champagne, lime j Continue Reading →

Salmon with Rainbow Peppers Seafood Recipe

Center salmon steaks/fillets on foil sheets Arrange pepper strips in a rainbow pattern around each steak/fillet Combine butter and basil; spread over salmon Shape foil sheet around fish to make a fish Continue Reading →

Poached Salmon Recipe

Cut the lemon in half lengthwise Cut one of the halves into 4 thick slices and the other half into wedges Set the wedges aside for serving Choose a skillet or pot that is large enough to hold the salm Continue Reading →

Soy Ginger Marinated Salmon Recipe

Make the marinade by whisking the marinade ingredients together in a small bowl Rinse the salmon fillets under cold water, and place in a glass or ceramic dish Pour the marinade over the fish Cover th Continue Reading →

Steak Chilli Con Carne Mexican Recipe

Place the vegetable oil, beef, cumin and paprika in a bowl Season with salt and pepper, then toss to combine Set aside for ten minutes to marinate Heat a wok or large fry pan over medium heat When hot Continue Reading →

Broiled Catfish Hawaiian Recipe

Skin fillets and cut into serving size portions. Place fish in a single layer in a shallow baking dish. Combine remaining ingredients and pour over fish. Let stand for 30 minutes, turning once. Remove Continue Reading →

Low Fat Sarasota Grouper Recipe

Thaw fish, if frozen. Place fish in a shallow nonmetallic dish. Set aside 2 tablespoons of the thawed concentrate for the sauce. For marinade, in a small bowl stir together remaining concentrate, Worc Continue Reading →

Keto Costa Brava Steak Recipe

Start the steak broiling as close as possible to the heating element Set your timer to remind you when to turn it-for a steak 1/2-inch (1 cm) thick, 5 minutes per side is about right for my tastes Whi Continue Reading →

Fillet Steak

Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6 Brush the bread on both sides with oil, then roast on the top shelf of the oven for 10 mins until golden and crisp Mix together the smoked salmon, lemon juice and 1/2 Continue Reading →

Fillet Steak Recipes

Browse our Fillet Steak Recipes including exciting dishes like Smoked Salmon Bruschetta Italian Recipe, Popular Recipes in the Category FILLET-STEAK: Firecracker Grilled Salmon Seafood Recipe, Poached Salmon with Cucumber Sauce Seafood Recipe, Whitefish Almondine Seafood Recipe, Mahi-Mahi Poached in Coconut Milk Pressure Cooker Recipe, Champagne Poached Salmon Seafood Recipe, Curry Grilled Salmon Seafood Recipe, Continue Reading →