Dill is an annual herb that is in the same plant family as celery. It is commonly used for pickling and served with salmon.  It loses flavor quickly so it is best used fresh.  It is easy to grow and has many medicinal uses too.  Read more about dill here. Athletes Foot, Bacterial Infections, Fever The Benefit of using Neem Leaf as a natural cure Felter (1898) says, and I agree after spending the day compiling on buttercups (not daffodils), that than either cholesterol or homocysteine. People with high CRP levels are 41?2 times more likely to experience a heart attack than are people who have normal levels. Arterial lesions containing CRP are unstable and highly likely to lead to breakaway fragments and clots. It is this relationship between CRP and heart disease, perhaps more than any other recent event, that has raised the medical consciousness of the role of inflammation in heart disease and other diseases. Whole plant highly toxic (CRC); overdose fatal (DEM). Too toxic to use (JAD; PH2). Some of the alkaloids transdermally dangerous (PH2). Athletes Foot- Bacterial Infections- Fever- The latest research4 on the use of echinacea species and prevention of colds favours continuous use through the autumn and winter. This approach prepares the immune system to respond more quickly to viral infections and in effect you do not develop any symptoms or, if you catch a cold, the symptoms are much milder. There are two distinct species that are used medicinally: Continue Reading →