Regular exercise also plays an important role in lowering LDL cholesterol and in raising the level of protective HDL. It also promotes circulation and helps maintain the blood flow to every part of the body. Jogging or brisk walking, swimming, bicycling and playing badminton are excellent forms of exercise. Alzheimers Disease, Anxiety, Diarrhea, Dyspepsia, Forgetfulness, Gallbladder, Gas Flatulence, Indigestion, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Memory, Nervous Conditions, Poor Digestion, Restlessness, Stomach Upset, Tension, Travelers Diarrhea, Upset Stomach, Varicose Veins The Benefit of using Rosemary as a natural cure Gonorrhea ; Gout ; Hemoptysis ; Hemorrhoid ; Hepatosis ; Immunodepression ; Infection ; Inflammation ; Nausea ; Neurosis ; Ophthalmia ; Ozoena ; Pain ; Proctosis ; Respirosis ; Rheumatism ; Rhinosis ; Salivation ; Scabies ; Snakebite ; Splenosis ; Spermatorrhea ; Toothache ; Toxemia ; Vomiting ; Water Retention ; Womb ; Worm ; Xerostoma . Dosages (Frangula) – 1.5 g (BGB); 0.5-2.5 g bark (CAN); 1.8-7.3 g bark (MAD); 2 tsp bark in cold tea 1 ×/day (MAD); 2-5 ml liquid bark extract (1:1 in 25% ethanol) 3 ×/day (CAN); 2-4 Let’s try to forget weight, weight charts, and BMI; instead, let’s look for a lack of fitness. If you appear to be a mass of fat; if you find yourself weak, easily exhausted, and short of breath when you walk any distance on flat terrain, much less uphill; if you find that your skin hangs heavily away from the muscle that should be beneath it, you are probably obese or well on the way to it. Alzheimers Disease- Anxiety- Diarrhea- Dyspepsia- Forgetfulness- Gallbladder- Gas Flatulence- Indigestion- Irritable Bowel Syndrome- Memory- Nervous Conditions- Poor Digestion- Restlessness- Stomach Upset- Tension- Travelers Diarrhea- Upset Stomach- Varicose Veins- instance, string beans are said to contain insulin-like substance. Certain hormones needed by the pancreas to produce insulin are present in cucumber and onion juices. Continue Reading →