Varicose Veins Home Remedies

From our list of herbs and spices, the following are recommended for Varicose Veins:

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  • Catuaba
  • Cayenne
  • Gotu Kola
  • Hawthorn Leaf
  • Horse Chestnut
  • Marigold
  • Pine Bark
  • Prickly Ash Bark
  • Quercetin
  • Rosemary
  • Rue
  • Stone Root

Natural Cures and Remedies for Varicose Veins


and rapid heart rate. Poor circulation can lead to a host of issues, including varicose veins, cold hands and feet, and poor memory or decreased cognitive function. Hawthorn is indicated with any of these as a good choice to increase blood flow to areas that need it.

The first sign of varicose veins is a swelling along the course of the veins. This may be followed by muscular cramps and a feeling of tiredness in the legs behind he knees. In some cases, the normal flow of blood towards the heart may be reversed when the patient is in an upright position. This results in venous blood collecting in the lower part of the legs and the skin becomes purplish and pigmented, leading to what is known as varicose eczema or varicose ulcers. Both conditions cause severe pain.

Catuaba, Cayenne, Gotu Kola, Hawthorn Leaf, Horse Chestnut, Marigold, Pine Bark, Prickly Ash Bark, Quercetin, Rosemary, Rue, Stone Root

Sarvangasana helps relieve bronchitis, dyspepsia, varicose veins and peps up the digestion. It stimulates the thyroid and para-thyroid glands, influences the bran, heart and lungs. It helps lymphatic juices to circulate in the brain and strengthens the mind. This asana should not be done by those suffering Viparitkarani from high blood pressure, heart disease and eye trouble.

Certain nutrients, especially vitamin E and C have also been found effective in the treatment of this disease. The patient should take vitamin C in a therapeutic dose upto 3,000 mg. and Vitamin E in therapeutic doses from 600 to 1200 I.U. daily. This will relieve him of pain and leg cramps associated with varicose veins.

Regular practice of shirshasana will benefit the nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, excretory and endocrine systems. This asana helps cases of dyspepsia, seminal weakness, varicose veins, arteriosclerosis, jaundice, renal colic and congested liver.

Gotu Kola
Hawthorn Leaf
Horse Chestnut
Pine Bark
Prickly Ash Bark
Stone Root

Veins are thin-walled vessels through which the impure blood is carried back to the heart. They usually have valves which regular the flow of blood towards the heart. Varicose veins are a condition in which veins become enlarged, dilated or thickened.

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