Keto Friendly Sushi Restaurants

Sushi Restaurant Guide

What to Avoid at a Sushi Restaurant

  • Some obvious foods to avoid would be any dish with rice or fried tempura.
  • Check the seaweed salad, even though it may sound a good choice, it can contain added sugar aso ask.
  • Teriyaki is sugary and sweet and often with molasses or rice syrup.
  • At some Japanese restaurants imitation crab is used. This is white fish  reshaped into crab leg shapes with added sugars.


There are very few sushi restaurants that only serve sushi. Try the miso soup, a clear broth favored with fermented soybean paste, is a staple sushi starter in Japan. The broth should have no thickeners and is made with keto friendly veggies like cabbage, mushroom and onions. Firm cubes of tofu finish the miso soup.

Also keto friendly is edamame! Edamame pods are simply soybeans, steamed and salted.

Main Course

Sashimi is your number one choice at any sushi restaurant. Sashimi consists of fish without rice. Salmon or tuna are popular. Another main course which is keto friendly would be Negimaki, thinly sliced grilled beef.


Keto Friendly Sushi Restaurants

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