Keto Diet

A sensible keto diet should be no more than 20 to 50 grams of carbs per day, focusing on high-fat, low-carb foods like egg, meat, dairy and low-carb veg.  Fruit in moderation, should consist mainly of berries. Protein is very important. Some lucky people can manage more carbs on a keto diet  From my own experience with keto diets, I know I can tolerate about 90g of carbs daily and if I eat more, I exercise more! It’s that simple – but you do have to count, especially if you want to push the keto diet limitations

Is the Keto Diet for you?

You really don’t need a specific diet to succeed with a ketogenic diet. Here is what works easily and quickly.

  1. Do your homework. Read as many of the key points of any or all of the diets and make sure you understand the basic concepts.
  2. Get the “carbs” out of your system as quickly as you can.  Carb cravings are a bitch on ANY keto diet and the sooner you get past that phase the better.
  3. Choose a simple carb free plan designed around something you can live with for about a week, no matter how boring or how many calories  For me, I ate boiled eggs whites and chopped tomato with salt and pepper for breakfast, chicken salad with strawberry vinaigrette for lunch, as much as I wanted,  and cheesy potato skins in the evening.
  4. Exercise like mad until the “keto flu” sets in.

Keto Sticks

Don’t panic at this stage – it will feel crappy but remember – YOU DID IT !!!  You got the carbs out of your system but your body needs another day or so to fully start fat burning.

The tired phase will pass as your body adjusts to burning fat not carbs  Whatever you do at this stage, DO NOT eat any carbs.  Keep peeing on those sticks, stay pink, and make sure to get whatever gentle exercise you can manage.

 As you gradually introduce a few carbs keep 1 thing  in mind.  If you think you have blown it just exercise like mad till you get back in ketosis.  Eventually you will learn what you can and can’t get away with.  It’s a very individual thing no matter which keto diet you follow and no book can work that out for you.  You and ONLY you are in control of your success.

There is only a very tiny edge to calories burned on a keto diet. It succeeds ONLY because you can control the carb cravings better.  Don’t be fooled by thinking you can eat what you want because you are in ketosis – you can’t – over eating fats will put weight on twice as fast as carbs.  A keto diet works because you won’t have the same cravings you used to have and because you become more aware of what you are eating

And finally, if you can, get cooking!


Keto Recipes

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