Burn Fat Calories

Burn Fat not Muscle

Spot reducing isn’t an option unless you want to try Laser Lipo. If you want to get rid of belly fat you need to burn fat from everywhere and exercise to tone the abdominal muscles.

Burn Fat Not Muscle

More often than not, tales of high weight loss invariably means ‘crash diet, water loss, muscle loss’.  Water is replenished quickly, then over a period of day or weeks, the muscle has to be replenished.  With luck a TINY bit of fat got lost as well. At least with a keto diet, and those pretty pink sticks, you know how to burn fat calories and not muscle.

Think Long-Term

Do not think of this as another crash diet. Crash diets prompt people to lose weight quickly and then gain it back twice as fast. Make healthy eating a practice that you can enjoy for life. Think of long-term goals like feeling better, staying healthy, having more energy, and improving your minutes of exercise on most days. This can be continuous activity or several 10 minute intervals throughout the day. Incorporate more activity into your daily life. Take the stairs, walk during lunch, and stay on the lookout for new ways to exercise.

Choose the Right Foods

  • Eat foods that are naturally low in calories. Choose vegetables, fruits, cooked whole grains, beans, and nonfat dairy products.
  • Some people find it helpful to eat a large, low-fat salad every day.
  • When in doubt, follow fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables at every meal. This will help you increase your fiber intake, which is also key to blood sugar control.
  • Decrease the size of the portions you eat, especially when it comes to meats, refined carbohydrates (cookies, chips, pretzels, desserts, baked goods) and fats.

Keto Diet to Burn Fat

Healthy Eating Habits

  • Eat small, frequent meals. Do not starve and stuff.
  • Only eat when you are actually hungry.
  • Read food labels. Be aware of the number of servings per package and the calories per serving.
  • Look at the calories versus the grams per serving if the calorie count is higher than the grams, then the food is calorie-dense.
  • Do not fall prey to convenience foods
  • Drink plenty of water per day.
  • Plan your meals ahead of time.
  • Have breakfast every day.
  • Bring breakfast and/or lunch to work
  • Snack on whole fruits, chopped vegetables and low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese.

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