Calories Burned by Occupation

The Downfalls of a Sedentary Job

The sedentary nature of most jobs is a issue for many, not only in terms of weight but also health. The Center for Disease Control/Prevention (CDC) suggests two to three hours a week of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise plus two days a week of resistance exercises. Yet only 1 in 5 of us manage this.

Is the answer a more active job, one that burns more calories? Not always; many jobs are repetitive with the health issues that can bring and stress can play a big role.  Tired, stressed and sore people don’t feel like doing much before or after work.  All they want to do is rest!


Not surprisingly, the most active workers, burning the most calories come from occupations involving things like standing, lifting and moving all day. If you have a sedentary job, it is worth finding ways you exercise in short bursts throughout the day. If your building has stairs then you have it cracked. If your ‘facilities’ are big enough, running on the spot for 2 minute works wonders!

Exercise at Work

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