Calories Burned Assembly Line

Work on an assembly line can vary enormously, from simply selecting a deformed food product to moving heavy boxes. A huge difference will be whether you are seated, standing or moving and if moving, how much of the day, how many breaks you get and so on

We have 2 more categories for assembly line calories: Light Assembly Line Work and Heavy Assembly Line Work

Also factor in that having to concentrate on a fast moving process, without being able to take a break, can vastly increase calorie burn Don’t underestimate how much energy the brain consumes.


On an average day Men age 17-25 should burn around 2000 calories in a 8 hour period and Men 25-35 a theoretical 1900 calories over 8 hours. Women in the 17-21 age range, on average burn 1900 calories with Women 25-35 burning 1800.

Over 35s Men over 35 should burn around 1800 calories in a 8 hour period and Women over 35 around 1700 over 8 hours.

Over 60s Men over 60 should burn 1700 calories in 8 hours with Women over 60 burning 1600.

What is Average? Everyone is different. More accuracy can be found by referring to your weight below. Calorie burn generally declines as we get older but not always. People who stay active will often keep the higher burn rate as they age.

Calories Burned based on Time and Weight.

Calories Burned in 8 hours

  • Weight 100lb:1334
  • Weight 120lb:1600
  • Weight 125lb:1667
  • Weight 150lb:2000
  • Weight 175lb:2334
  • Weight 200lb:2667
  • Weight 250lb:3334
  • Weight 300lb:4001

  • Calories Burned in 6 hours

  • Weight 100lb:1000
  • Weight 120lb:1200
  • Weight 125lb:1250
  • Weight 150lb:1500
  • Weight 175lb:1750
  • Weight 200lb:2000
  • Weight 250lb:2500
  • Weight 300lb:3001

  • Calories Burned in 12 hours

  • Weight 100lb:2000
  • Weight 120lb:2400
  • Weight 125lb:2500
  • Weight 150lb:3001
  • Weight 175lb:3501
  • Weight 200lb:4001
  • Weight 250lb:5001
  • Weight 300lb:6001

  • Calories Burned in 1 hour

  • Weight 100lb:167
  • Weight 120lb:200
  • Weight 125lb:208
  • Weight 150lb:250
  • Weight 175lb:292
  • Weight 200lb:333
  • Weight 250lb:417
  • Weight 300lb:500

  • Calories Burned in 2 hours

  • Weight 100lb:333
  • Weight 120lb:400
  • Weight 125lb:417
  • Weight 150lb:500
  • Weight 175lb:583
  • Weight 200lb:667
  • Weight 250lb:833
  • Weight 300lb:1000

  • Calories Burned in 4 hours

  • Weight 100lb:667
  • Weight 120lb:800
  • Weight 125lb:833
  • Weight 150lb:1000
  • Weight 175lb:1167
  • Weight 200lb:1334
  • Weight 250lb:1667
  • Weight 300lb:2000

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