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Eating out is something of a national hobby, and one of the current trends is Sushi  Sushi is supposed to be healthy but the rices part and the sauces are all killers. Moderation and common sense are keys to success with any diet. Do your research on your diet basics beforehand, especially if you are low-carb or keto.

Keto Flu?

You need calorie deficit of 3,500 calories for your body to ditch pound of fat. That’s 500 calories per day if you want to lose 1 lb a week, a very sensible amount. Sadly if you have been overeating then you will need to stop that first so you are starting from a level playing field. You can either eat 500 less calories or burn 500 more calories by exercising or eat 250 calories less, and burn 250 calories more a day. It’s not rocket science!

One of the reason diets fail, including low-carb, low-fat and keto diets, is people dont start from ground zero  Before you can starting shedding weight, you have to understand what you are currently eating.  Since you put the weight on to begin with you are/were over-eating.  Therefore you will have to work with a figure of 500 calories plus whatever you were regularly overeating and use that as a goal.

Is Sushi Keto?

Finally, nothing makes a diet fail, any diet, quicker than being too strict. Making yourself miserable with hunger and nothing to look forward to is a recipe for disaster.  Make yourself a promise before eating out that you will count the calories and exercise it off in the next few days.  Beware on keto with carbs.  If you overdo the carbs you need to burn of the excess  asap before you go out of ketosis.

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