Green Tea Benefits

That green tea is a true gift of nature for your health, there is no doubt. However, you should realise there are many more benefits than were first thought.  Green tea is synonymous with health and longevity.

Its antioxidant components are so diverse that it seems unnecessary to emphasize each of its many benefits over different organs and body systems.

However, it never hurts to remember that a refreshing infusion of green tea can relieve you of some of the most common health problems, quickly and naturally.

To learn more about the health benefits of green tea and how to use them when you need them see the table below.

Benefits of Green Tea
1. Reduce the risk of cancer
2. Prevents cardiovascular disease
3. Fights aging
4. Help you lose weight
5. Prevents wrinkles
6. Reduce the risk of arthritis
7. Strengthens bones
8. Helps lower cholesterol
9. Prevents obesity
10. It is good for diabetes
11. Strengthens memory
12. Protects against Parkinson’s disease
13. It’s a hepatoprotective
14. Prevents hypertension
15. Protect food poisoning
16. Reduces blood glucose levels
17. stimulates immunity
18. Avoid colds and flu
19. Relieves asthma
20. Combat ear infections
21. Helps in treating herpes
22. Prevents cavities
23. Reduce stress
24. Relieves allergies


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