Tropical Smoothie Cafe Keto Friendly Options

There are NO truly Keto-Friendly options at Tropical Smoothie Cafe !!!

Founded in 1997 Tropical Smoothie Cafe is a fast food restaurant for smoothies, salads, and allegedly healthy options with almost 800 locations.  In truth the nutrition behind most of the dishes is pretty sound and getting better, however they don’t really address the keto nutrition.  Replacing sugar with splenda is only a partial solution.

The growing menu has about 25 smoothies plus flatbreads, wraps, quesadillas, sandwiches and bowls.  Very few of these can be considered Keto-Friendly.  See our suggestions below.

As for the smoothie options, there are NONE that are truly keto-friendly.  You can click the images below to enlarge and make your own mind up.  The best option is Blueberry Bliss but this has an horrendous 33g of carbs, certainly enough to knock you out of ketosis.

There are seven different sandwiches on Tropical Smoothie Cafes menu, four of which can be bought in halves, which reduces calories, carbs, and fat.  However it’s still not a good choice  if you want to stay in ketosis.  As regards nutrition, bread is not a good choice for anyone wanting to lose weight.

Keto-Friendly Best Options

These are the options from the Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu that are the lowest in carbs:.

  • Kale & Apple Slaw
  • Supergreen Caesar Chicken Bowl
  • Buffalo Chicken Bowl
  • Brewed Unsweetened Tea

All nutrition data can be found below – click to enlarge.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu (Nutrition)

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Smoothie Nutrition


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