Herbal Remedies for Anxiety


The following are herbal remedies for anxiety:

Psychologists estimate that we have sixty thousand thoughts each day, and what’s worse, 95% of these thoughts are repetitive and pointless. Not knowing the content of our own mind, we are at its mercy and unconsciously follow it to the letter.

A still mind enables us to relate far better to life and to live life instead of paying attention to useless thinking.

Stressful and chaotic breathing patterns correlate with unpleasant emotional states such as anxiety and  panic. We often develop the habit of holding our breath under stress or in times of fear, anxiety, or worry.

The goal should be to relax and tune in to the natural cues that prompt normal breathing. For most of us, that will naturally result in a more relaxed, slower respiratory rate than we have probably become used to.

Lemon balm is a superb herbal remedy.  Make a digestive tea that will also help you relax and relieve any anxiety and ensures good sleep.  Lemon balm infusion, made from fresh leaves, has a wonderful green colour, zesty scent and a fresh lemony taste. The tea, whether made from the fresh or the dry herbs, is good for people whose digestive problems stem from anxiety, as it is both a digestive aid and a relaxant to the nervous system.

Vervain makes a pleasant tea and can be drunk daily by people whose digestion is easily effected by stress and anxiety, especially when their appetite diminishes. It is best to drink it in the evening. A herbal tincture can be used instead of tea.

And finally, when it comes to herbal remedies for anxiety you can’t beat good old fashioned chamomile tea.