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Losing Weight

So you REALLY want to lose weight?

Well I’m not going to add yet another boring unproven diet to the list of 1000’s for you to try.

Nor do I suggest you go buy into the many diet miracles you will see advertised.  You may find a few weight loss links on my pages but hey – I need links to get this diet page ranked for you to find.

So my diet pages make a little money every time you click an ad – I have to eat.

Read what I have to say about dieting then make your own mind up.  My views on dieting are very simple and maybe not so cheap since you need to buy good quality food but it will be much cheaper than following the numerous miracles diets and paying for fancy weight loss pills none of which work long term

Here are my tips for successful weight loss:

  • First get your head round the idea that a diet is for life not just for holidays.  So whatever you choose it’s better that’s it’s a diet you can do every day of the year.
  • Accept that calories count!  Some things will give you a small edge eg low-carb diets but on the whole it’s the calories that matter.
  • Diet for health not appearance.
  • Use Fitday or a similar free program to monitor your diet until you achieve your weight goal and have settled on a diet you can live with long term.
  • Set a realistic target.  1 lb a week will take off 52lb in a year that’s nearly 4 stone.
  • Get ahead of the game by going for 2 lb every so often.
  • No diet guilt trips.  If you slip one week promise yourself to catch up next week.  Every day is a new day so start out telling yourself that a dietary slip is one day only.  Promise yourself not to say ‘I’ve blown my diet – I’ll start again next week next month’ or whatever.
  • Make a list using 1 lb a week of what your weight should be each Friday.  Redouble your efforts if you miss your target have a small treat when you’re ahead of the game.
  • Try low-carbing for 3 or 4 weeks.  It’s not for everyone and it takes planning but it really does work.

So how did I do it?

How Many Calories in a Pound?

  1. I lost an average of 1 lb a week over most of a year by counting calories.  That dropped 3 stone.
  2. I counted my calories with Fitday keeping to 1300 a day give or take.  Paying attention to the vitamin and mineral intake compared with recommended will soon help you decide what to eat as well as how much.
  3. I aimed to lose 1lb in calories per week and 1lb by exercise.  If I ate too much I exercised to balance it.
  4. I did this by losing 2 lb most weeks and putting some on every time I went on holiday or otherwise had occasion to drop the diet.  remember I said no guilt trips and straight back looking at your target weight after!
  5. It does get harder as you get near your target weight.  I switched to a low carb diet to get that stubborn fat off my tummy.

I strongly believe that low-carb diets are a health choice we should all make.  By that I don’t mean a quick way to lose weight more a long term commitment to drop things like potatoes bread rice pasta sugar cakes biscuit crisps to a minimum.  I believe that diabetes is a big and growing problem  and that sugar/insulin control will improve cholesterol and high BP as well as diabetes risk.

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