Low Carb Diet

Even comple carbs are out on a lo carb diet

Not on a Low Carb Diet

Low carb or no-carb diets are hugely popular because they deliver a fast weight loss but the majority of that weight loss is water, glycogen stores and muscle mass, which puts long-term weight loss right back at square one.

Carbs are absolutely essential to fuel your brain and muscles, so your body naturally will crave carbs so cutting carbs to almost zero is highly mentally challenging. 

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What are Bad Carbs?

Any simple (refined) carbs, such as sugar, white rice, white bread, soda, crackers, cookies, white pasta, pastries and desserts. These are carbohydrates that are crazy bad for your weight loss because they sky rocket your insulin level which is the primary hormonal regulator in the storage of fat.

Good Carbs

Brown rice, yams, berries, apples and whole oats, for example, have much higher fiber content and because fiber is indigestible, it takes the body more time to break down and releases a more consistent rate of energy throughout the entire day. However if you ar aiming for ketosis then even these are not an option.


Low Carb Diet?

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