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If you want to contact me (as opposed to SPAM me), then please enter the word ‘genuine’ somewhere in your enquiry.  Note to all spammers – Your crap goes straight to trash so don’t waste your time.  I DO NOT respond to ANY unsolicited offers of any sort.

You can reach us via our Facebook group Free Readings

Never miss an opportunity to move. Your muscles don’t know if you’re in an expensive gym, at the office or cooking in the kitchen. This means that you can tone the 640 muscles of the body anytime, anywhere. You can turn idle time into toning time and do exercises and stretches while dinner is simmering on the stove or you’re catching up on the phone. Research has shown that bursts of high intensity activity throughout the day can increase your calorie burn up to an amazing 500 calories or more per day! And that’s all you need to take off 1lb of that fat in a week!

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