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At the age of almost 70, I have heard so much bull about diets and diet terminology you can’t imagine, but the current trend for “macros” is the craziest yet.  For heavens sake people, just learn some basic nutrition as kids learn in school and forget the hype.  Unless you want to micro-manage your diet, all you need to understand is the difference between fat, carbs and protein and a rough idea of healthy food and calories in, calories out.

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Want to save yourself a load of heartache with your diet?

  • Don’t diet – just find your maintenance level and stick to it.
  • Make healthy changes where it’s not too big a deal for you
  • Increase your activity if you know in your heart you aren’t doing enough
  • Raise your metabolism by running on the spot for 30-60 seconds every 2 hours.

Cardiovascular exercise is critical for burning calories and melting fat off your body as well as keeping your heart muscle healthy. Cardio exercise blasts off fat, shedding pounds. It also boosts your fitness level so you can do things like climb stairs without huffing and puffing. My favorite form of cardio exercise is walking—and it’s also one of the easiest! It’s great for your legs and relieving stress, but the reason I really love walking is that you can do it almost anywhere, and anyone can do it.