Yoga Poses

Sun Salutation Beginners (click to enlarge)

If you are new to yoga, please find a qualified instructor to take you through the asanas correctly. If you are not able to get out then online help is an option but please ensure they are qualified to guide you. I am happy to recommend Dee (aka Yogaman) – just drop me a line and I will put you in touch.

Try this page if you want a full list of poses with pictures.


Although it’s an ancient practice, yoga has become the exercise of the day in recent years. Nowadays more and more people are looking towards yoga as a way of burning calories while staying grounded and in the moment. This means people want details of the best yoga postures for losing weight!

Sometimes though it feels like yoga instructors speak a different language, which makes it slightly difficult to follow. And it is indeed a different language – with Sanskrit names like Ardha Pincha Mayurasana and Ashwa Sanchalanasana. Making choices can seem daunting but the first step is to decide on the style of yoga especially if you are doing it for weight loss. Here is a list of yoga types and their calorie burn.

Calories Burned in 15 minutes

  • Weight 100lb:40
  • Weight 120lb:49
  • Weight 125lb:51
  • Weight 150lb:61
  • Weight 175lb:71
  • Weight 200lb:81
  • Weight 250lb:101
  • Weight 300lb:121

  • Calories Burned in 40 minutes

  • Weight 100lb:108
  • Weight 120lb:130
  • Weight 125lb:135
  • Weight 150lb:162
  • Weight 175lb:189
  • Weight 200lb:216
  • Weight 250lb:270
  • Weight 300lb:324

  • Calories Burned in 45 minutes

  • Weight 100lb:121
  • Weight 120lb:146
  • Weight 125lb:152
  • Weight 150lb:182
  • Weight 175lb:213
  • Weight 200lb:243
  • Weight 250lb:304
  • Weight 300lb:364

  • Calories Burned in 1 hour 15 mins

  • Weight 100lb:202
  • Weight 120lb:243
  • Weight 125lb:253
  • Weight 150lb:304
  • Weight 175lb:354
  • Weight 200lb:405
  • Weight 250lb:506
  • Weight 300lb:607

  • Calories Burned in 1 hour 30 mins

  • Weight 100lb:243
  • Weight 120lb:291
  • Weight 125lb:304
  • Weight 150lb:364
  • Weight 175lb:425
  • Weight 200lb:486
  • Weight 250lb:607
  • Weight 300lb:729

  • Calories Burned in 2 hours

  • Weight 100lb:324
  • Weight 120lb:389
  • Weight 125lb:405
  • Weight 150lb:486
  • Weight 175lb:567
  • Weight 200lb:648
  • Weight 250lb:810
  • Weight 300lb:972

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