30 Day Yoga Challenge Weight Loss


Your Yoga Challenge start with a cardio burst going into Suraya Namaskar A (Sun Salutation).  The intensity of the cardio and the numbers of sets performed will increase week each week ending with a calorie burn sufficient to lose 1lb per month in around 10 minutes daily. NOTE: 1 set is 12 poses.  Alternate the leading leg on alternate days to stay balanced.

If you find it difficult, add a week or even 2 to the beginning till you get your pace.  Make sure you perform everything correctly.  If you do the asanas badly by going quicker at the expense of form you are simply going to burn less calories than when you engage your muscles correctly. 3 minutes executed badly will burn no more calories than 1 minute done correctly.  Also remember that the more we do (right!) the more calories we burn. For example, you will burn proportionally more in the second 5 minutes than you do in the first 5 minutes. This is where the cardio aspect at the beginning comes in very handy!

If you are fit, and/or experienced, and think you will find it easy then by all means increase the numbers or move to the main Yoga Weight Loss Challenge. Please don’t go silly.  By this I mean there are some crazy posts online for 108 asanas, and that’s 2 sets per each, ie 216 x12 asanas.  This is crazy. We start with ONE and build up! The 108 Asanas philosophy has it’s ancient roots in religion NOT in weight loss and if you are going to go that mad then not only are there are more constructive ways to lose weight but you will lose the whole philosophy behind yoga.

You are going to perform everything as quickly as you can without losing form. If it takes you longer than expected don’t worry. Another bonus is the more weight you carry the more you will burn but the chances are you will also find it harder.

Average no. of calories for Yoga Weight Loss combined per week.

Calories Burned in 10 minutes daily

  • Weight 100lb:333
  • Weight 120lb:400
  • Weight 125lb:417
  • Weight 150lb:500
  • Weight 175lb:583
  • Weight 200lb:667
  • Weight 250lb:833
  • Weight 300lb:1000

  • Calories Burned in 2 minutes daily

  • Weight 100lb:67
  • Weight 120lb:80
  • Weight 125lb:83
  • Weight 150lb:100
  • Weight 175lb:117
  • Weight 200lb:133
  • Weight 250lb:167
  • Weight 300lb:200

  • Calories Burned in 5 minutes daily

  • Weight 100lb:167
  • Weight 120lb:200
  • Weight 125lb:208
  • Weight 150lb:250
  • Weight 175lb:292
  • Weight 200lb:333
  • Weight 250lb:417
  • Weight 300lb:500

  • Calories Burned in 15 minutes daily

  • Weight 100lb:500
  • Weight 120lb:600
  • Weight 125lb:625
  • Weight 150lb:750
  • Weight 175lb:875
  • Weight 200lb:1000
  • Weight 250lb:1250
  • Weight 300lb:1500

  • Calories Burned in 20 minutes daily

  • Weight 100lb:667
  • Weight 120lb:800
  • Weight 125lb:833
  • Weight 150lb:1000
  • Weight 175lb:1167
  • Weight 200lb:1334
  • Weight 250lb:1667
  • Weight 300lb:2000

  • Calories Burned in 30 minutes daily

  • Weight 100lb:1000
  • Weight 120lb:1200
  • Weight 125lb:1250
  • Weight 150lb:1500
  • Weight 175lb:1750
  • Weight 200lb:2000
  • Weight 250lb:2500
  • Weight 300lb:3001

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