Marmite for Keto Flu

I was sorely tempted the title this page “Marmite for Keto Flu? WTF???”

Marmite for Keto Flu?

Having lived in the uk for over 60 years I am a big marmite fan.  You either love it or hate it. So  first, yes I am a big fan of marmite: keto toasted bread bread, dripping with butter and a small amount of the very nutritious and economical marmite.

In case any of our American visitors don’t know what Marmite is, Marmite is a dark, thick, yeast extract spread. It’s made from concentrated yeast extract, a by-product from brewing beer. It was conceived in 1902 when the Marmite Food Company opened a small factory in Burton-on-Trent adjoining it’s brewing operation.

Marmite can be found in the United States in many quality grocery stores and can also ordered online. You can look up Marmite on Amazon and find many of Marmite products that you can have delivered with minimum fuss.

But I digress – back to the point.

Marmite for Keto Flu

Hoax – Marmite No Cure!

First please read from the post Keto Flu.  It’s important to understand WHY the idea Marmite for Keto flu is just a myth or hoax, or possibly some misguided mistake.

I can find no evidence, scientific or anecdotal to suggest the Marmite will help you with Keto flu, other than the fact that it is keto friendly and very nutritious, but then so are many foods.

However, if you like Marmite, try this delicious keto recipe.  It won’t help your keto flu but you will surely FEEL better if you don’t feel hungry.

Easy Microwaved Almond Bread with Marmite

Keto Marmite on Toast

  • 2 eggs
  • 30ml cream
  • 2 tbsp almond meal
  • 1 ½ tbsp Butter melted
  • ½ tsp baking powder
  • Marmite to taste, any variety

In square 4 x 6 glass pyrex dish
Add eggs, cream, melted butter and mix with fork
Add almond meal, baking powder and mix in with fork
Put in microwave 4min
Then use spatula and fry in a pan or on a griddle, with minimum of oil, to use as toast

Spread butter and add Marmite

For Seeded Bread: Line the rim of the dish with seeds  Part way through cooking cut into quarters and drop seeds into the gaps created.