Colonic Irrigation

A colonic irrigation is a procedure during which water flows under gentle pressure into the colon (large intestine) and slowly encourages the colon to release harmful bacteria and toxic waste.  The waste is discharged through a completely closed system and inspected through glass observation tubes. Continue Reading →

Yoga and the Menopause

The menopause can be a trying time for women. Hormonal fluctuations are so powerful at this time of life they can bring on a number of unpleasant side effects; hot flushes tiredness memory loss night sweats insomnia and mood swings. Continue Reading →

Turmeric Health Benefits

Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, making it effective in a lot of diseases such as those affecting the heart, avoiding seemingly random blood clots, plaque in the arteries and reduces levels of bad-chole Continue Reading →

Health Benefits of Ginger

Chinese medicine states that ginger treat diseases involving excessive yin, especially when caused or exacerbated by the cold diseases. This is true, although it has more health benefits. Continue Reading →

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil first appeared in Southeast Asia and the Pacific islands in the mid-nineteenth century. Today the production and export of this oil is part of one of the most important economic activities Continue Reading →

Health Benefits of Kale

The many properties of kale (collard greens) are impressive. Kale is rich in nutrients, a wonderful plant with some important health benefits. Kale can do wonders if you include regularly in your diet and can positively impact your health with many benefits. It is also a vegetable low in calories and sodium, contains no fat or cholesterol and is rich in calcium, features that make it an ally for weight loss. Continue Reading →

Health Benefits of Honey

Honey has been used as a medicinal remedy for millions of years. It tastes delicious and is used to sweeten all kinds of food. Honey is used for treating everything from abrasions to cancer. The following are some of the best known benefits of honey, whether confirmed by science or passed from generation to generation. Continue Reading →

Green Tea Benefits

Its antioxidant components are so diverse that it seems unnecessary to emphasize each of its many benefits over different organs and body systems. However, it never hurts to remember that a refreshing infusion of green tea can relieve you of some of the most common health problems Continue Reading →

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

Chia seed was used by members of the Aztec, Inca and Mayan cultures for centuries, being a very important part of their daily diet. It was much appreciated  as a meal replacement, especially for the b Continue Reading →

Health Benefits of Broccoli

Broccoli is a member of the cabbage family and is closely related to cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. One of the major health benefits of broccoli is to help reduce the risk of cancer. In addition, scientific studies have shown a wide range of therapeutic properties associated with this cruciferous vegetable. Continue Reading →

Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is part of the family Lauraceae. Its flavor is sweet, woody and spicy.Warmer climates are needed to grow well. Cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka. Canela producing countries Continue Reading →

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

In recent years apple cider vinegar has gained popularity as a tonic that can relieve various health problems and even help you lose weight. Some of these allegations have been proven scientifically, others have been rejected and others remain without evidence of any sort. Continue Reading →