Calories Burned Chart

Calories burned chart by activity and weight, includes walking, running, cycling, yoga, sports, and household activities. More detailed calorie burn by weight is on individual pages. Continue Reading →

Burn Fat Calories

How to Burn Fat Not Muscle: More often than not, tales of high weight loss invariably means ‘crash diet, water loss, muscle loss’.  Water is replenished quickly, then over a period of day or weeks, the muscle has to be replenished.  With luck a TINY bit of fat got lost as well. At least with a keto diet, and those pretty pink sticks, you know how to burn fat calories and not muscle. Continue Reading →

Calorie Burn

It’s easy to get carried away and classify all carbohydrates as bad, but that’s oversimplifying things a bit. Carbohydrates, even sugars, are natural components in the foods we eat. The key is not to avoid carbohydrates altogether, but to choose the carbohydrates that give you the most nutrition and keep hunger at bay. Continue Reading →