Yoga for Belly Fat


To lose 1lb a week, on an average day you should burn around 500 calories more than you eat. You cannot target specific areas, eg belly fat. You can tone muscle but fat/weight loss means overall body weight reduction. To burn this with Hatha Yoga will take around 2 hours 20 minutes ever day for a week. Ashtanga or Power Yoga would need around 1 hour 30 minutes daily. For most of this just isn’t practical. Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga fare a bit better needing just over an hour but the best choice is Vinyasa Yoga or Yoga Flow at a little less than an hour.

Those figures are average for all weights. Calorie burn varies with many factors but weight makes a big difference so check below for calories burned by weight. The calories below are for an middle of the road yoga class. For more accuracy choose your yoga type here.

Calories Burned based on Time and Weight.

Calories Burned in 15 minutes

  • Weight 100lb:83
  • Weight 120lb:100
  • Weight 125lb:104
  • Weight 150lb:125
  • Weight 175lb:146
  • Weight 200lb:167
  • Weight 250lb:208
  • Weight 300lb:250

  • Calories Burned in 40 minutes

  • Weight 100lb:222
  • Weight 120lb:267
  • Weight 125lb:278
  • Weight 150lb:333
  • Weight 175lb:389
  • Weight 200lb:445
  • Weight 250lb:556
  • Weight 300lb:667

  • Calories Burned in 45 minutes

  • Weight 100lb:250
  • Weight 120lb:300
  • Weight 125lb:313
  • Weight 150lb:375
  • Weight 175lb:438
  • Weight 200lb:500
  • Weight 250lb:625
  • Weight 300lb:750

  • Calories Burned in 1 hour 15 mins

  • Weight 100lb:417
  • Weight 120lb:500
  • Weight 125lb:521
  • Weight 150lb:625
  • Weight 175lb:729
  • Weight 200lb:833
  • Weight 250lb:1042
  • Weight 300lb:1250

  • Calories Burned in 1 hour 30 mins

  • Weight 100lb:500
  • Weight 120lb:600
  • Weight 125lb:625
  • Weight 150lb:750
  • Weight 175lb:875
  • Weight 200lb:1000
  • Weight 250lb:1250
  • Weight 300lb:1500

  • Calories Burned in 2 hours

  • Weight 100lb:667
  • Weight 120lb:800
  • Weight 125lb:833
  • Weight 150lb:1000
  • Weight 175lb:1167
  • Weight 200lb:1334
  • Weight 250lb:1667
  • Weight 300lb:2000

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