Balancing Body and Spirit


The Complete Handbook of Natures Cures

One of the most effective ways to raise the vibration and level of our energy field is without doubt the balancing the 3 most important elements of  which we are a part, Body, Mind and the Spirit or Soul. It is important to understand and comprehend that to reach a corporal and spiritual fulfilment we must keep the 3 bodies that enable our evolution balanced: The Body, Mind and Spirit.

The three are closely linked, can not be separated; If one does not develop, there will be no link to the next, and therefore no fulfilment.  In a life with ever more sleep problems, a lot of work and nutrient poor food, it is important to find activities that allows us to balance the heaviest part that is within us to make way for the energies and states more subtle that every human being has inside.  It is very important to learn to manage our mind.  It’s a positive change for our future, and that’s one way of doing magic, to realize what we have decided it is in our mind.

Mind, Bold and Soul – working as one

Some simple suggestions to set you on the right track.

  • Walking quickly for an hour a day or more, or whatever our body can support is be a good way to reduce weight, relieve stress, and improve our relaxation.
  • Another really important element is the way our body takes energy. One of the most important energy is etherically we get when we sleep, and rest enough, when we breathe in a conscious way and when we are at peace. This is the Universal Energy Source itself that every human being has inside.
  • Yoga and Reiki are alternative therapies to achieve mastery of ourselves. These energy practices will lead to correct physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances, return to the essential condition for health conceived as harmonic integrity.
Mind, Body and Soul

Mind, Body and Soul