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Below you will find links to data for individual items, the most popular items at Subway


On a Diet?

Subway Bread and Wraps are high in carbs and sugars, so a protein bowl or salad is a much better choice. You will find all the information below for your query Subway and there are low carb low calorie options. This means Subway bowls and salads are suitable for keto and low-carb diets as well as low calorie and low fat diets. You will find more Subway options by following the links.

Eating out is something of a national hobby, so don’t let dieting stop you! You can eat out and eat healthy, too. Subway has a few sound nutritional choices. See Calories, Carbs, Fat. Protein and find sound advice on diets, including keto and low carb. Also check out our recipes and meal plans with Subway


Not Searching for Subway Nutrition? You will find a search option at the top of the page. We have thousands of no nonsense Menu Nutrition pages aimed solely to get you where you want to go.

Eating out at Subway Nutrition?

Is your favorite restaurant offering good nutrition?: A useful article from Good Housekeeping 30 Healthy Fast Food Items at Any Chain

In days gone by Fast Food was never about health – it was about convenience. Today people are more concerned about what they eat and consumers like diners at Subway Nutrition are turning to healthier food choices. Fast food restaurants such as Subway Nutrition are slowly changing their menus to meet those expectations, focusing on accommodating almost every diet.

Some Really Bad Choices

Having said that, whilst the big chains like Subway Nutrition are paying lip service to our demands, they are quietly serving us some atrocious choices.  See this list of 25 meals all over 1,000 calories and some a whopping amount over!  And that’s not to mention desserts and drinks!

  1. Burger King: Cheddar Bacon KingBurger King: Triple Whopper with Cheese
  2. Carl’s Jr.: Monster Angus Thickburger / Hardee’s: Monster Double Thickburger
  3. Carl’s Jr.: Spicy Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger
  4. Checkers/Rally’s: 20-Piece Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings
  5. Chipotle: Steak Salad
  6. Dairy Queen: Large Cheese Curds
  7. Domino’s: Italian Sausage Marinara Penne Pasta Bread Bowl
  8. Domino’s: Italian Sausage Marinara Penne Pasta Bread Bowl
  9. Dunkin’: Large Caramel Swirl Frozen Coffee with Cream
  10. Firehouse Subs: Large Smokehouse Beef and Cheddar Brisket
  11. Five Guys: Large Fries
  12. Hardee’s: Hardee Breakfast Platter with Sausage
  13. In-N-Out: Double-double burger with fries
  14. Jersey Mike’s Subs: Giant Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak on White Bread
  15. KFC: Three-Piece Nashville Hot Extra Crispy Meal
  16. McDonald’s: Big Breakfast with Hotcakes and Large Biscuit
  17. Panera: Mac and Cheese Bread Bowl
  18. Pizza Hut: 9-Inch Meat Lover’s Personal Panormous Pizza
  19. Popeyes: 10-Piece Chicken Livers
  20. Sonic: Large Chili Cheese Tots
  21. Sonic: SuperSonic Bacon Double Cheeseburger with Mayonnaise
  22. Subway: Footlong Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt
  23. Wendy’s: Big Bacon Classic Triple
  24. Wendy’s: Pretzel Bacon Pub Triple
  25. Whataburger: Triple Meat Whataburger

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