Natural Remedies Pancreas

From our list of herbs and spices, the following are recommended for Pancreas:

  • Hemp Oil

Natural Cures and Remedies for Pancreas

Physicians and biomedical researchers are starting to appreciate the significance of the Inflammation Syndrome-how many different inflammatory diseases are interrelated. As one example, being overweight significantly increases the risk of developing diabetes, a disease with a strong undercurrent of inflammation. Both overweight and diabetes increase the risk of coronary artery disease, now recognized as being inflammatory in origin.

Dr. Lotter remembers a patient who had been on a three month carbohydrate-free diet as part of a program for obsessive eaters. “These people who binge out, they are not bingeing out on carrots, they are not bingeing out on fruits and vegetables, they are bingeing out on carbohydrates. Eating whole loaves of bread. One woman said she had eaten 20,000 calories at one sitting. It is my contention that people who have these extreme eating disorders have physiological low Serotonin levels.

Hemp Oil

Not all vinegars are the same. Choose high quality types such as apple cider vinegar, which is high in nutritional value and complements the healing actions of the herbs. You can get as creative as you’d like with your choices, however, because there are many di?erent types of vinegars available, including some that are flavored. ese can add real pizazz to your next herbal experience.

The type of external application of comfrey should be dictated by the type of injury: if there is a lot of recent swelling, choose a compress or poultice; if it is a long-term treatment, go for the cream or ointment.

Horseradish is made from the root of a plant that is so ubiquitous its origins have been lost. It is quite pungent and has the power to make the eyes water and the mouth burn.

The paste of henna leaves, boiled in coconut oil to get a darkish oil, can be used as a hair dye to blacken grey hair. The paste itself can be applied to the hair and washed away after a few hours to dye the grey hair. Washing the hair with concentrated tea extract twice a week is also considered useful in colouring grey hair to brown or black.