Weight Loss Calculator

To lose 1lb a week, on an average day you should burn around 500 calories more than you eat. To burn this by walking at 3 mph will take about 2 hours and around 60,000 steps every day (just under Continue Reading →

Is Rice Good for Weight Loss?

Not all rice is equal but on the whole the difference in calories between brown rice and white rice, for example, is minimal compared to how you cook it. Research shows that eating rice cold, for example, with a salad, means we are likely eat less.
Wash the rice before you cook it to remove starch. ALSO wash it in boiling water AFTER cooking. This is the method I use when freezing cooked rice to use in small batches with a rice/veg salad bowl but it also stops rice being ‘sticky’.  You might want to add extra salt/flavour if washing!
The proportion of healthy vegetables to rice depends on the diet,  All rice eaten should be in moderation if you are looking for weight loss! Keto and low carb diets will be at least 50% veg and eaten by the tablespoon, knowing the number of carbs included  If you eat more than you meant to then make a point to burn those extra calories/calories off. Continue Reading →