How Many Miles Walking To Lose Weight

Walking is the most popular form of exercise, and possibly the most beneficial for the majority. Keeping track of how many steps you take in a day can result in major health benefits. You will need a pedometer and it needn’t be expensive. That said, gadget people have a wide range to choose from at a price to suit everyone’s pocket.

If you are a beginner you will most likely count in steps to begin with. As you get faster and increase the step count, you will probably find your mind turning to miles or kilometers.


To lose 1lb a week, on an average day you should burn around 500 calories more than you eat. To burn this by walking at 3 mph will take about 2 hours and around 60,000 steps every day (just under 6 miles).

For most of this just isn’t practical so look for a balanced routine including some high burn exercises.

5.7 miles should take about 1 minutes on average.

Calories Burned in 1 minute

  • Weight 100lb:3
  • Weight 120lb:4
  • Weight 125lb:4
  • Weight 150lb:5
  • Weight 175lb:5
  • Weight 200lb:6
  • Weight 250lb:8
  • Weight 300lb:9

  • Calories Burned in 40 minutes

  • Weight 100lb:121
  • Weight 120lb:145
  • Weight 125lb:151
  • Weight 150lb:181
  • Weight 175lb:211
  • Weight 200lb:241
  • Weight 250lb:302
  • Weight 300lb:362

  • Calories Burned in 45 minutes

  • Weight 100lb:136
  • Weight 120lb:163
  • Weight 125lb:170
  • Weight 150lb:204
  • Weight 175lb:238
  • Weight 200lb:271
  • Weight 250lb:339
  • Weight 300lb:407

  • Calories Burned in 1 hour 15 mins

  • Weight 100lb:226
  • Weight 120lb:271
  • Weight 125lb:283
  • Weight 150lb:339
  • Weight 175lb:396
  • Weight 200lb:452
  • Weight 250lb:566
  • Weight 300lb:679

  • Calories Burned in 1 hour 30 mins

  • Weight 100lb:271
  • Weight 120lb:326
  • Weight 125lb:339
  • Weight 150lb:407
  • Weight 175lb:475
  • Weight 200lb:543
  • Weight 250lb:679
  • Weight 300lb:814

  • Calories Burned in 2 hours

  • Weight 100lb:362
  • Weight 120lb:434
  • Weight 125lb:452
  • Weight 150lb:543
  • Weight 175lb:633
  • Weight 200lb:724
  • Weight 250lb:905
  • Weight 300lb:1086

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