From our list of ailments, see what Damiana can be used for:

  • Bedwetting
  • Cystitis
  • Depression Mild
  • Fatigue
  • Frigidity
  • Impotence
  • Menopause
  • Sexual Desire Impaired
  • Urinary Tract Problems
  • Virility

Natural Remedies using Damiana

Rose (see page 85), damiana (see page 139), vervain (see page 55): these herbs are gentle mood improvers.

Take damiana tincture (for precautions see page 139). Adults: 1-2ml diluted with some water, 1-3 times a day, tincture strength 1:2.

Bedwetting, Cystitis, Depression Mild, Fatigue, Frigidity, Impotence, Menopause, Sexual Desire Impaired, Urinary Tract Problems, Virility

The Benefit of using Damiana as a natural cure

Damiana is considered a tonic for both the male and female reproductive systems, and can therefore be used in a number of circumstances when these do not function optimally. It seems to possess a mild aphrodisiac action as well as providing a general sense of well-being.

Activities (Damiana) — Antiaging (f; APA); Antidepressant (f; APA; SKY); Aphrodisiac (f; APA; CRC; PED; PH2); Cardiotonic (1; HHB); CNS-Depressant (f; CRC); CNS-Stimulant (f; CRC; HHB; LAF); Depurative (f; PED); Diuretic (f; CRC; GMH; PED); Emmenagogue (f; MAD);

Contraindications, Indications, and Side Effects (Damiana) — Class 1 (AHP).’Hazards and/or side effects not known for proper therapeutic dosages” (PH2) ‘No significant adverse effects.

×/day (SKY); 0.5 g dry leaf:3 g alcohol/2 ml water (PED); 2–4 ml liquid extract; damiana extract BPC 0.3–0.6 g (PNC).