From our list of ailments, see what Wormwood can be used for:

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Natural Remedies using Wormwood


Nutritional measures are most vital in the treatment of fatigue. Studies reveal that people who eat small mid-meals suffer less from fatigue and nervousness, think more clearly and are more efficient than those who eat only three meals daily. These mid-meals should consist of fresh or dried fruits, fresh fruit or vegetable juices, raw vegetables or small sandwich of whole grain bread. The mid-meal should be small and less food should be consumed at regular meals. They should be taken at specified time such as 11 a.m. , 4 p.m. and before retiring to bed.


The Benefit of using Wormwood as a natural cure

The following is the suggested diet for persons suffering from hypertension or some disorder of the heart :

CRC); Toothache ; Tuberculosis ; Tumor ; Ulcer ; Ulcus cruris ; Urethrosis ; Urinary Discharge ; Uterosis ; Varicosis ; VD ; Virus ; Water Retention ; Wound .

The example mix in the box shows one of the possible combinations. Remember that this formula may not suit your individual situation.


due to gossypol. Animals fed seed press cakes 3-4 weeks showed enterosis, gastrosis, hematuria, jaundice, nephritis, and ophthalmic disorders (PH2).

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