Reishi Mushroom

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  • Anxiety

Natural Remedies using Reishi


g powdered ginseng/day (AKT); 3 (550 mg) capsules 3 ×/day (Korean); 1-4 (250 mg) StX capsules (5-9% ginsenosides) (APA); 100 mg StX (4-7% ginsenosides) 1-2 ×/day; 1 (535 mg) StX 2 ×/day (Korean).


The Benefit of using Reishi as a natural cure

He reneged because my report was negative. Today, that scientist continues to publish, often copying without citing other ethnobotanical writers’ data. And he is, what I call, one of the paid hypsters who will write a positive opinion page on a worthless herb, for a fee. Then an

Contraindications, Interactions, and Side Effects (Pussy Willow) – See Salix alba (White Willow). Probably enough salicylic acid in the plant to impart the activities and indications of salicylates.

The term ‘ Yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘yug’ which means “to join” . It signifies union between the individual soul ( jivatma) and the universal soul ( parmatma). It aims at obtaining relief from pain and suffering. Basically, human evolution takes place on three different planes, namely physical, mental and spiritual. Yoga is a means of attaining perfect health by maintaining harmony and achieving optimum functioning on all three levels through complete self-control.


In 1999 a letter to the journal Lancet raised questions about whether glucosamine supplements could increase glucose (blood sugar) levels, cause insulin resistance, and lead to or aggravate diabetes. The questions raised in this letter were widely reported in the University of California Berkeley Wellness Letter, the Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter, and other publications toward the end of that year (the delay resulting from publication schedules). These newsletters warned that glucosamine supplements could lead to or worsen diabetes.

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