Milk Thistle

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  • Swelling

Natural Remedies using Melilot


A member of the pea family, Melilotus has the three-lobed leaf typical of legumes. Both the foliage and flowers have a sweet, vanilla fragrance with overtones of hay. It’s considered invasive in most parts of the United States and often appears in giant swaths.


The Benefit of using Melilot as a natural cure

Supports and heals the nerves and surrounding tissues Although few studies have considered net – tle’s e?ects on nerve pain, it does seem to have an a?nity for the nerves and has been documented to help relieve sharp, shooting pains often attributed to nerve pain such as sciatica. is e?ect could be due to the simple fact that bioavailable nutrients within the plant work to support and heal the nerves and surrounding tissues.


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