Yoga Bound Angle Pose

This yoga asana for beginners helps to open up the hips and ease sciatica discomfort that can be made worse by sitting for long periods. The sciatic nerve starts in the lower back and runs down both leg, and sciatic nerve pain can occur when the nerve is somehow compressed. Long commutes and sitting for long periods exacerbates it.


Sanskrit: Baddha Konasana
Type: Seated
Level: Beginner

  • Sitting on the floor, bend knees and open them out to the side like a book.
  • Join the soles of your feet together while sitting upright.
  • Place fingertips on the floor directly behind you and lengthen up through the spine.
  • You can also hold onto your ankles and hinge forward at the hips.
  • You’ll give your inner thighs and groin a nice stretch, while the forward bend creates a calming, cooling effect.

Calories Burned in 15 minutes

  • Weight 100lb:46
  • Weight 120lb:56
  • Weight 125lb:58
  • Weight 150lb:70
  • Weight 175lb:81
  • Weight 200lb:93
  • Weight 250lb:116
  • Weight 300lb:139

  • Calories Burned in 40 minutes

  • Weight 100lb:124
  • Weight 120lb:149
  • Weight 125lb:155
  • Weight 150lb:186
  • Weight 175lb:217
  • Weight 200lb:248
  • Weight 250lb:310
  • Weight 300lb:371

  • Calories Burned in 45 minutes

  • Weight 100lb:139
  • Weight 120lb:167
  • Weight 125lb:174
  • Weight 150lb:209
  • Weight 175lb:244
  • Weight 200lb:279
  • Weight 250lb:348
  • Weight 300lb:418

  • Calories Burned in 1 hour 15 mins

  • Weight 100lb:232
  • Weight 120lb:279
  • Weight 125lb:290
  • Weight 150lb:348
  • Weight 175lb:406
  • Weight 200lb:464
  • Weight 250lb:580
  • Weight 300lb:697

  • Calories Burned in 1 hour 30 mins

  • Weight 100lb:279
  • Weight 120lb:334
  • Weight 125lb:348
  • Weight 150lb:418
  • Weight 175lb:488
  • Weight 200lb:557
  • Weight 250lb:697
  • Weight 300lb:836

  • Calories Burned in 2 hours

  • Weight 100lb:371
  • Weight 120lb:446
  • Weight 125lb:464
  • Weight 150lb:557
  • Weight 175lb:650
  • Weight 200lb:743
  • Weight 250lb:929
  • Weight 300lb:1114

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