Yoga Dolphin Plank Pose

Makara Adho Mukha Svanasana or Dolphin Plank Pose is excellent strengthening the body head-to-toe, especially if having difficulty with a full Dolphin or a Plank. This arm balancing pose gives a break to your wrists and is an intermediate level variation of basic dolphin pose as it balances the entire body weight on the forearms and toes. Hence, the Dolphin plank pose targets muscles of the core, shoulders, arms, and upper back.


Sanskrit: Makara Adho Mukha Svanasana
Type: Prone
Level: Intermediate

  • Kneel down on your mat. Clasp your hands together tightly so that you interlock all your fingers completely. Bend forward and put the outside edges of your hands on the yoga mat in front of you.
  • Put half of your body weight onto your forearms and interlocked hands. Then straighten your legs behind you so that your shoulders remain right above your elbows and you hold up your torso parallel with the floor. Breathe as you hold this plank variation for a few seconds.
  • Now inhale while lifting your buttocks up toward the ceiling as you walk your feet in, taking about two steps forward.
  • Press back hard with your shoulders and do not let them drop down toward the floor. Your armpits should stay stretched open. Tuck your shoulder blades into your back and keep your chest open.
  • Press your heels down to try and make them touch the ground, lengthening your hamstrings. The whole spine should lengthen up toward the ceiling. Your elbows, shoulders and spine should push back and up together, all in one straight line.
  • Hold this posture for 3 seconds or longer. Do not hold your breath.

Calories Burned in 15 minutes

  • Weight 100lb:69
  • Weight 120lb:83
  • Weight 125lb:86
  • Weight 150lb:104
  • Weight 175lb:121
  • Weight 200lb:138
  • Weight 250lb:173
  • Weight 300lb:207

  • Calories Burned in 40 minutes

  • Weight 100lb:184
  • Weight 120lb:221
  • Weight 125lb:230
  • Weight 150lb:276
  • Weight 175lb:322
  • Weight 200lb:368
  • Weight 250lb:460
  • Weight 300lb:552

  • Calories Burned in 45 minutes

  • Weight 100lb:207
  • Weight 120lb:249
  • Weight 125lb:259
  • Weight 150lb:311
  • Weight 175lb:363
  • Weight 200lb:414
  • Weight 250lb:518
  • Weight 300lb:622

  • Calories Burned in 1 hour 15 mins

  • Weight 100lb:345
  • Weight 120lb:414
  • Weight 125lb:432
  • Weight 150lb:518
  • Weight 175lb:604
  • Weight 200lb:691
  • Weight 250lb:863
  • Weight 300lb:1036

  • Calories Burned in 1 hour 30 mins

  • Weight 100lb:414
  • Weight 120lb:497
  • Weight 125lb:518
  • Weight 150lb:622
  • Weight 175lb:725
  • Weight 200lb:829
  • Weight 250lb:1036
  • Weight 300lb:1243

  • Calories Burned in 2 hours

  • Weight 100lb:552
  • Weight 120lb:663
  • Weight 125lb:691
  • Weight 150lb:829
  • Weight 175lb:967
  • Weight 200lb:1105
  • Weight 250lb:1381
  • Weight 300lb:1657

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