Pressure-Poached Chicken Breasts Pressure Cooker Recipe

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Pressure-Poached Chicken Breasts Pressure Cooker Recipe


Makes 6 to 8 cups shredded or chopped chicken – Cooker: 5- to 7-quart – Time: 6 minutes at HIGH pressure

  • 6 to 10 boneless skinless chicken breast halves
  • 1 rib celery, with leaves, cut into 3 chunks
  • 1 sprig fresh flatleaf parsley
  • 1½ to 2 cups low-sodium chicken broth


  1. Place the chicken, celery, and parsley in a 5- to 7-quart pressure cooker
  2. Pour in enough of the broth to cover everything
  3. Close and lock the lid
  4. Set the burner heat to high
  5. When the cooker reaches HIGH pressure, reduce the burner heat as low as you can and still maintain HIGH pressure
  6. Set a timer to cook for 6 minutes
  7. Remove the pot from the heat
  8. Open the cooker with the Natural Release method; let stand for 15 minutes
  9. Be careful of the steam as you remove the lid
  10. The internal temperature of the chicken should register 165° F on an instant-read thermometer
  11. Set a large colander lined with a double layer of cheesecloth over a large bowl and pour the broth through to strain it
  12. Use the chicken or let it cool a little, then store ziptop plastic bags in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 days or the freezer for up to 3 months
  13. Pour the strained broth into an airtight container and let cool a bit before putting the lid on
  14. Refrigerate up to 2 days or freeze up to 3 months and use in sauces or soups

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